Books Holly Whitcomb Has Written

The Practice of Finding: How Gratitude Leads the Way to Enough

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In this lovely book conveniently used for individual reflection or group study, Holly W. Whitcomb presents the spiritual practice of finding as the antidote to chronic seeking and as the doorway to a grateful awareness of having received enough. She reflects on wisdom distilled by the "finders" -poets, playwrights, psychologists, and theologians-and derived from her own experience. (The foreword to this book is written by Wayne Muller.)

"Holly Whitcomb's book has enticed me to recognize and savor the plenitude in my life. Her wise reflections in The Practice of Finding provide soothing balm for both mind and heart. This is a great resource for every reader who has known suffering and yearns for a restoration of hope."

Joyce Rupp, author and spiritual guide.
Eerdmans Publishing 1-800-253-7521

Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting

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This popular book on waiting can be effectively used all year, but has also been studied at Lent and Advent by groups all over the country.

"So much contemporary spiritual writing is about questing and conquering. It's refreshing to have a book that explores the multiple dimensions of the most vital and mysterious spiritual discipline, that of waiting. Holly Whitcomb's Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting is her finest book yet for an individual, a spiritual leader, or a spiritual community."

Chris Glaser, author of ten books on the spiritual life.
Augsburg Press 1-800-328-4648

Practicing Your Path: A Book of Retreats for an Intentional Life

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This book is designed for individuals who want to create a private spiritual retreat day for themselves as well as for leaders of group retreats.

"I am impressed with the depth, clarity, and usefulness of this enriching resource. Practicing Your Path reveals Holly Whitcomb's own faithfulness and wisdom on the journey of transformation. It is a treasure for anyone seeking renewal and growth on the spiritual path."

Joyce Rupp, author and spiritual guide
Augsburg Press 1-800-328-4648

The Bible and Spiritual Disciplines

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This small, user-friendly Bible study book includes questions for reflection and group discussion.

Wipf and Stock Publishers 1-541-344-1528

Feasting with God: Adventures in Table Spirituality

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This sensuous and beautiful book, published by United Church Press, offers wonderful programming ideas for sacred feasts.