Retreat Comments

Holly has provided leadership for retreats and keynote presentations for various groups: congregations, conference centers, boards of directors, national meetings, pastors’ gatherings, women’s organizations, etc. Here are some excerpts from spontaneous letters of thanks from around the country:

I don't usually write to our retreat leaders, but I just had to say WOW - you're awesome!

Layperson, retreat participant

You provided exactly the right mix of biblical reflection, worship, personal insights, theological challenges, and music - what a wonder!

Member of denominational conference staff

Thank you so much for offering us such a wonderful...retreat day! It was a day of rich blessings and renewal much needed. I really appreciate all the work, discernment, and organization you put into making it a meaningful day!

Layperson, retreat participant

You have a rare gift for creating spiritual safety, then letting it happen.

Layperson, retreat participant

Thank you for your outstanding leadership of the Spiritual Life Retreat. On Friday night during the first session, I was amazed at your ability to engage the participants without losing focus of the topic I have never seen that done so effectively with that large a group. And because I know the participants and their agendas so well, I was really pleased to see how you were able to lead them to new awareness and insight. And your material was so solid, so evocative, and so personal….Thank you also for being so easy to work with in the planning process and or your flexibility with the schedule and arrangements…It was…a joy for me to meet such an outstanding clergy colleague.

Local church pastor

Holly, once again I need to thank you for your gracious spirit and generous wisdom... I know we all appreciated your sincere honest and willing heart as you encouraged us to respond to God's loving call each and every day. Most of all, you so model God's grace and joy in your own life. And you are ever thoughtful in all the little details you put into your presentation: a rich visual and auditory feast! It's always a refreshing blessing just to be with you…Thank you so much for being our speaker this year.

Member of denominational conference staff

Thank you for providing an excellent experience for our...chaplains... I respect your work and have used you as a role model throughout my journey.

Head Chaplain of a large healthcare organization

I found your presentations to be so inspiring and inviting! You showed such wonderful humor, and vulnerability enough for us to really resonate with your stories. It was just delightful, and I came away committed to exploring some new things in my spiritual and relational life.

Conference minister

I anticipate our retreats with you. They are always filled with creativity and spiritual challenge.

Layperson, retreat participant