Specialized Group Retreats

Holly's retreats are multi-sensory spiritual experiences which always include music and movement, and sometimes include "art as meditation" and food. In her retreats, Holly combines elements of:

  • spiritual autobiography and personal prayer
  • the practice of one’s spiritual path and self-nurture
  • the discovery of one’s gifts and the response to God's call

She is especially well known for her work in the areas of:

  • Prayer and Personal Practice
  • Purpose and Vocation
  • Retreats for the Liturgical Year
  • Women and Spirituality
  • The Spirituality and Self-Care of Clergy
  • Sabbath-Keeping
  • Gratitude and Grace
  • Conscious Aging

Holly offers retreats during diverse time slots and settings: mornings, day-long events, weekend events – at churches, retreat houses, colleges, and conference centers. Designing experiences which are unique and appropriate to each group’s needs is key to her style of leadership. Upon request, Holly will provide an extensive menu of her most popular retreat topics. At the present time there are 33 topics listed.